The Opportunity Scholarship Fund (OSF) is a Scholarship Granting Organization that provides scholarships to Oklahoma K-12 students to attend accredited private schools within our great state!


Take this valuable opportunity to help students and their families to help themselves.

Donate to the OSF, direct your dollars to the school of your choice – HERITAGE ADVENTIST SCHOOL is our choice of course!

Your donation will provide tuition scholarships for kids to attend a Christian school. 

Many times your net cost to you will be ZERO!!!

How can it be ZERO you ask?                        Good question!

Any individual, family or business entity paying taxes in Oklahoma is eligible to contribute to OSF and receive generous state tax credits plus a federal deduction.  In 2016, donors making two-year commitments will receive even more generous tax benefits.  Your school officials can explain your options. 

You can call directly at 405-602-1667, or by email at info@OSFkids.org, or their website is OSFkids.org  -  or just click here

Don’t forget to mention that your school of choice is - Heritage Adventist School.